Divorce is never an easy decision. However, there is a dispute resolution called “collaborative divorce” that can make the process less adversarial and more harmonious for everyone involved. Although this concept was developed in the 1980s, it has only been in recent years that it has gained traction. The process uses teams of specialists that include financial advisors, attorneys, and mental health counselors, as well as other professionals if needed. So, put away the dueling sabers and boxing gloves, and discover five good reasons you should aim for a more amicable split.

1. Mutually Agreeable

Collaborative divorce is highly effective because it is solution based and allows the couple to control the outcome. Open communications are smoothly facilitated by a neutral mediator in a safe and non-adversarial atmosphere that encourages mutual respect and cooperation from both sides.

2. Easier on the Children

Minimizing the hostility between couples makes the divorce process less traumatic for the kids. When conflict between parents is reduced, this enables children to adjust better. Plus, a collaborative tone sets the stage for better communications post-divorce. Read, Helpful Tips for Divorcing Parents, to find ways to help children work through this transition period.

3. Stays Out of Court

Choosing a collaborative divorce means both parties agree not to litigate and duke it out in court. With the help of neutral professionals, couples can negotiate a settlement agreement with less stress and more respect than is usually found in a traditional divorce process.

4. Less Expensive

During the economic downturn, more and more divorcing couples turned to collaboration as a practical alternative. This trend continues because the collaborative process is less costly to both sides since they don’t have attorneys squabbling over every nickel and preparing a blitz of motions for the inevitable litigation.

5. Takes Less Time to Settle

The collaborative divorce process usually takes less time because the couples and their attorneys are not wasting time and money hashing things out in court. Typically there is only one court date to get the judge’s stamp of approval so issues are settled quietly and efficiently.

When You Need Help

Dr. Susan K. Daniel is member of the Collaborative Family Law Group of Central Florida, which helps families civilly resolve disputes outside of the courtroom and focus on the welfare of the children. In addition, she is a Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator, as well as a Certified Parenting Coordinator. These qualifications enable her to provide specialized conflict resolution skills for families, including couples going through divorce. As such, Dr. Daniel is able to help parents develop successful, cost-effective co-parenting plans and time-sharing schedules in a relaxed environment, while simultaneously helping the children during the process. Please feel free to contact her if you and/or your family are going through the emotional process of a divorce.


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